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Murray Street Bridge Matacryl WS Flex

FPT restores signature lift bridge in Chatham-Kent Ontario


The Murray Street Bridge is a steel bascule bridge (lift bridge) originally protected by polyurethane on sidewalks and an epoxy system on drive lanes. The systems failed, and a Matacryl WS Flex system was selected for the restoration. Beyond the tenacious bond to the steel deck, Matacryl WS Flex was chosen due to its light weight, high quality, and wear resistant properties. Further, the system was used with great success on nearby Wallaceburg lift bridge and Wapole swing bridge. 

Approximately 400 square meters of drive lane and 135 square meters of sidewalk and viewing platform areas were restored. Here's the progression:

Prior system remnants removed from deck


Deck blasted to near white metal profile for primer application


Membrane and first wear coat layer applied


Seal coat applied to lock in bauxite drive surface


Bridge restoration completed


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