Applications for Infrastructure

Surface Coatings and Overlays


Surface coatings and overlays ranging from protective coatings on decks to multilayer waterproofing and skid resistance on high traffic areas.

FPT Infrastructure surface coatings and overlays are designed to protect decks from damage caused by regular use, and provide a suitable wear surface. The addition of a membrane in some systems provides crack bridging capabilities to counter cracking from structure movement, freeze thaw cycles and variations in substrate moisture content. Coatings and overlay systems utilize polyurethane methyl methacrylate (PUMA), methyl methacrylate (MMA), and polyurethane chemistries. System layers may contain fillers and aggregates to provide the appropriate friction surface, system build height and aesthetic requirements of each project. 


System selection depends on a number of criteria:

  • service life expectations
  • substrate type
  • deck capacity and system height requirements
  • intended use and wear surface requirements
  • exposure to UV over time
  • expected application temperature
  • environmental conditions for spray or manual application of coating 


Key Advantages:

  • PUMA/MMA systems may be applied at temperatures well below freezing (-4 F/-20 C) extending the construction season
  • Exceptional interlayer adhesion strength promotes durability, even under high traffic volume use and extreme weather conditions
  • Rapid set time (5-30 minutes per layer) promotes fast installation, lower labor costs and efficient handover to subsequent construction phases
  • Spray and manual application grades meet environmental requirements and site conditions for equipment
  • Chemically inert; does not require hazmat precautions for disposal once cured
  • Customizable to the characteristics of the project by adjusting layer material and thickness, aggregate size and color, and top coat colors


Structures and Applications

  • Vehicular and Rail Bridge Decks
  • Pedestrian Bike, Walking and Light Duty Bridge Decks
  • Precast and Prefabricated Components (Concrete, Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Panels)
  • Ramps, Sky Bridges, Service Garages, Plazas
  • Transit Platforms, Sidewalks and Drive Lanes




Matacryl WS - wear system

Matacryl TPO