Applications for Infrastructure

Expansion Joint Systems


Expansion joint systems range from armored to armorless to header fill material with movement capabilities beyond 75 inches.

FPT Infrastructure provides safe, efficient and economical expansion joint systems for bridges, roads, and other elevated structures as well as joint header fill and repair materials. Armored and armorless joint systems are designed for structures subject to varying degrees of movement up to 788+ inches. Most joint systems allow for horizontal movement on either side of the joint with some shear movement capabilities.

System advantages:

  • Early Technical Involvement - ETI - from the FPT Infrastructure teams ensures that the expansion joint system is supplied exactly matches performance requirements
  • Mechanical joints offer quiet operation, high range movement capacity and water-tightness
  • Foam joints are custom designed to joint opening and configuration
  • Joint filler materials and header fill materials range from elastomeric concrete to methacrylate mortars



Mechanical Expansion Joints

Foam Expansion Joints

Joint Fill and Repair Material