Surface Coating and Wear Systems


Matacryl TPO Thin Polymer Overlay System

Matacryl TPO is a 3/8” thick overlay consisting of primer, a multi-layer aggregated wear coat and seal coat. Utilizing PUMA/MMA chemistry, Matacryl TPO systems cure faster than alternative epoxy-based systems, supporting tight completion schedules and lowering overall application labor costs. A tenacious bond and interlayer adhesion prevent thinning and peeling of layers, effectively preventing the intrusion of water and chemicals that cause concrete deterioration and corrosion. Thin polymer overlays are cost-effective, bridge deck and road surface preservation options designed to fill cracks and provide a skid-resistant surface.

System Benefits:

Multi-layer system offers greater durability than traditional “chip-seal” single-layer systems
Aggregates can be varied to provide appropriate traction and skid resistance for project type
Interlayer adhesion and chemical bond allow for Matacryl TPO systems to be recoated
System may be installed at below freezing temperatures, allowing for an extended construction season


  • Low to moderate volume vehicular or pedestrian bridges
  • Walking and cycling paths
  • Protection surfaces on bridges scheduled to be replaced in a 3-5 year time frame