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Fibrecrete is an effective repair that can replace expensive full depth concrete repair programs

Fibrecrete is a hot applied flexible concrete repair. It is formulated with polymer modified resins, fiberglass, mineral fillers and high-quality aggregates. This allows Fibrecrete to remain flexible yet strong enough to handle heavy traffic and the stresses of changing temperatures and seasons. This product is used to repair spalls, potholes, broken joints, corner breaks and most other horizontal defects in concrete.

Fibrecrete is designed to replace traditional cementitious repairs that are prone to failure due to their stiffness. The installed product is a load transferring repair that has superior tensile strength and flexibility in comparison to rigid repairs. Its flexibility also makes it appropriate for use in asphalt repairs.

This allows Fibrecrete to accommodate limited joint and crack movement due to thermal expansion and contraction, and vibration. Fibrecrete has exceptional resistance to water intrusion and to a broad range of salts, bases, and organic materials, making the repair a long-term solution for highway maintenance projects.

Fibrecrete is an effective repair that can replace expensive full depth concrete repair programs. The long-term affordability of this product also eliminates the need to repave to improve ride quality, allowing DOTs to shift their paving and full depth concrete repair dollars to more urgent areas.

Fibrecrete comes in grey or black, which matches concrete or asphalt ranging from new to bleached.

System Benefits:

  • Long-term repair for concrete structures
  • Rapid return to service - one hour or less
  • Will cure at low temperatures
  • Excellent chemical and water resistance
  • Easy to use


  • Bridges & Highways
  • Parking Structures
  • Road Fixture Repair - drains, expansion joint headers, utility access


  • Grey (Standard)
  • Black




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