Concrete Repair Materials


Greyseal 6690 Hot-applied Grey Joint & Crack Sealant

Greyseal 6690 is a grey, hot-applied, single component sealant used to fill joints and cracks in portland cement concrete pavements. Greyseal 6690 is supplied in a powder form and packaged in 30 pound meltable bags. Greyseal 6690's proprietary formula allows it to maintain its grey color, even after high traffic volume.  

System Benefits
• Cohesive bond to concrete
• Flexible
• Resistant to water and UV
• Self-leveling for easy and efficient application

When applied properly, Greyseal 6690 will form a flexible water-tight seal in cracks and joints in concrete and asphalt pavements.
• crack sealant (fill or overband) on concrete and asphalt road surfaces
• joint sealant for concrete panel paving
• joint sealant on parking decks, runways, sidewalks, and other trafficked surfaces
• commercial and industrial concrete drive area repair and restoration


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