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Concrete Pavement Preservation: from concept to mainstream for DOTs

As budgets shrink and repair costs rise, Fibrecrete G becomes mainstream in DOT concrete preservation plans.

Pavement Preservation has quickly grown from concept to mainstream. With fuel taxes less than expected and project costs increasing, innovative approaches to pavement preservation have become a DOT priority.

One way DOT’s are stretching their concrete dollars is with Fibrecrete. Fibrecrete is a hot-applied, flexible concrete repair. Fibrecrete can eliminate the need to replace many concrete slabs. With Fibrecrete, corner breaks, spalls and cracks can quickly and easily be repaired, saving time and money.

Cost Savings
A slab with the corner breaks shown on the diagram to the right will typically cost less than $600 to repair with Fibrecrete. The same slab repaired with traditional concrete using the method on the left will cost over $1,500 on average. The reason? Traditional concrete slab replacement requires full depth sawing, crane removal, gang drills for tie bar placement, joint sawing and sealing and an off-site supply of concrete. It's easy to see how the costs add up.

Rapid Open to Traffic
There are three main reasons why Fibrecrete is the fastest solution. First, Fibrecrete requires only the distressed concrete to be to be removed. Repairs average 4” in depth and rarely is a full depth patch necessary. Second, Fibrecrete only needs to cool before traffic can be returned. Traffic can be returned to thin repairs in as little as 30 minutes. Finally, there is no waiting for ready-mix trucks to navigate through traffic as the Fibrecrete source trailer stays on the job.

Fibrecrete is formulated with polymer modified resins, fiberglass, mineral fillers and high quality aggregates. This allows Fibrecrete to remain flexible yet strong enough to handle heavy traffic and the stresses of changing temperatures. Fibrecrete is designed to replace traditional cementitious repairs which are prone to failure due to their stiffness.

System Benefits

  • Long Term Repair
  • Rapid Open to Traffic
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Water Tight



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