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FDOT District #3 Uses SAMIscreed to Fill Rumble Strips

Samiscreed used to repair fill rumble strips in Florida.

Fibrecrete Preservation Technologies


Sometimes things are simply not received as intended. With a focus on safety, FDOT incorporated rumble strips within a 2017 resurfacing project on SR-363 in Wakula County. The rumble strips worked great, maybe too great. Soon after completion of the project, FDOT began receiving calls from local residents complaining of the noise attributed to the milled strips. 

After much discussion, FDOT decided to address the complaints. The product selected to fill the strips was a Hot Applied Polymerized Bituminous Product. “The cost, speed of construction and longevity weighed into the selection of the patching material,” stated Robert Taylor PE, Fibrecrete Technical Sales Representative. The FDOT Developmental Specification 331 BMP - Hot Applied Polymerized Bituminous Product was used on the project.   

The contract was awarded to Foundation Professionals of Florida. The Contractor selected Samiscreed which met FDOT Developmental Specification 331 BMP - Hot Applied Polymerized Bituminous Product. The highly modified asphalt binder was pre-mixed in two 300 lb. Marathon mixers equipped with a screed box behind the mixer.  “The addition of the screed box allowed our crews to empty 300 lbs. of material in just 35 minutes” informed David Brown, President of Foundation Professionals of Florida. Once the rumble strips were leveled, black beauty topping stone was added for skid resistance. The product was ready for traffic within 30 minutes.  

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