Waterproofing & Protective Coatings


Engineered solutions for infrastructure segments

Matacryl Systems are employed by partners, infrastructure owners and civil engineering experts across the Globe to improve the durability, performance and service life of infrastructure assets.


Matacryl PUMA. Formulated for application like an MMA with cured performance superior to a high grade Polyurethane.  This unique chemistry prevents the degradation of deck surfaces on new bridge structures and restoration projects. 


With hundreds of global installations and decades of bridge deck waterproofing experience, our technical experts can design a solution matched to your project specifications.


Matacryl's expansive areas of work serve the following industry sectors:

  • Highway Bridges
  • Rail Bridges & Stations
  • Tunnels
  • Utilities

 Our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to provide structural waterproofing and protection solutions - tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.


Performance characteristics of MatacryL® systems:

- Monolithic membrane for seamless protection.

- Highly flexible with crack bridging properties at below freezing temperatures; withstands movement and stress in the substrate.

- Excellent chemical, abrasion and puncture resistance to protect bridge substructure against corrosion from waterborne salt and chemicals.

- Tenacious bonding to concrete in excess of concrete tensile and cohesive strength, as well as steel and other surfaces.

- Unique chemistry that promotes interlayer adhesion, allowing for easy repairs.

- Extreme impact & indentation resistance when tested to AREMA and SNCF Rail standards among other global test methods and norms. Full BBA and ASTM certification.


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