Surface Coating and Wear Systems


Matacryl WS Wear Surface Waterproofing System

Matacryl WS is a PUMA-based, membrane wateproofing system. It provides a sealed wear layer in combination with a flexible, crack-bridging barrier membrane and surface friction suited to the structure use. In addition to application on concrete and steel substrates, Matacryl WS can be used as a wear surface on fiberglass-reinforced panel (FRP) bridges and structures. Applications include new bridge construction, routine maintenance and bridge restoration as well as unique applications such as bike lanes, transit station pedestrian areas and park trails. Matacryl WS delivers superior, long-term performance by protecting the substrate from the effects of extreme weather and contaminants such as chlorides, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline and oils.


System Benefits:

  • Available in spray and manually-applied grades to suit job site conditions; no heating or conditioning of resins is required
  • Installs at a wide range of ambient and substrate temperatures -4 to 95 °F (-20 to 35 °C) to extend the construction season
  • Customizable to the characteristics of the project by adjusting layer thicknesses, aggregate size and color, and top coat color
  • Rapid set time promotes fast installation, lower labor costs and efficient handover to next construction phase


  • Steel and concrete vehicular bridges with low profile for wear surface 
  • Cycle and pedestrian bridges and paths
  • Public transit pedestrian platforms
  • Bus terminal drive ramps and lanes

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