Repair Mortars

Matacrete Ready Rep


Matacrete Ready Rep

Matacrete Ready Rep is a rapid cure, ultra high-strength, MMA-based structural concrete patch, repair and re-profiling mortar. The kit includes a resin binder and a dry mix of specially-graded quartz aggregate and powder additives. Ready Rep is preferred by contractors, structure owners and civil engineers for new construction and restoration projects including vehicular and pedestrian surface restoration, spall repair, and anchoring or setting of steel components.

System Benefits:

  • Cold-applied and non-sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Cures in one hour or less for fast return to service; requires no curing compounds or methods
  • Two temperature grades allows for installation in extreme temperatures, even below freezing
  • Achieves compressive strength of over 11,000 psi in one hour; over 14,000 psi in 7 days
  • Bonds to Matacryl waterproofing and overlay systems for seamless integration of repairs and full deck structure restoration
  • High-friction surface capable with suitable aggregate broadcast
  • May be extended with fine quartz sand or larger quartz aggregate for full-depth repairs


  • Structual concrete repairs
  • Patch repairs on roads and bridges
  • Reprofiling of edge joints
  • Setting or repair of drains, manhole covers and other road structures
  • Gap and trench filling on bridge decks
  • Repair of ramps and turning circles
  • Expansion joint header filler

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