Repair Mortars


Matacrete Rapid Set

Matacrete Rapid Set is characterized by its high early strength and low shrinkage. The material is microfiber reinforced and is ideal for use in projects where rapid traffic-readiness is required or where coatings are to be applied soon after repair. Offered in partnership with Nufins.


System Benefits
• Rapid setting characteristics
• Early strength gain
• Excellent bonding properties
• Ready to use, only requires the addition of clean water
• Ideal for internal and external use
• Can be open to light duty traffic in 1 hour
• Can be coated with epoxy after 4 hours
• Microfiber reinforced
• Shrinkage compensated
• Extendable by up to 50% by weight


• Repair of bridge decks prior to waterproofing
• Concrete highway pavement repairs
• Repairs that require a fast return to service
• Emergency reinstatement of damaged or deteriorated concrete
• Critical traffic routes and parking garages
• Airport runways & aprons

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