Repair Mortars


Matacrete Primer

Matacrete Primer is designed to bond new cement-based products to existing concrete and steel surfaces. It is a three-component, water-based epoxy bonding and anti-corrosion coating. Matacrete Primer contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect the steel. It is an excellent bonding agent for placing fresh concrete and repair mortars into existing concrete substrates. Developed for use with Matacrete cementitious repair compounds, the formulation is based on water-dispersible epoxy resin containing cement, which provides an alkaline environment to protect steel reinforcement from chloride and carbon dioxide attack.


System Benefits
• Bonding agent for all Matacrete concrete repair materials
• Used for both cement and epoxy repair mortars
• Interior/exterior use
• Provides added protection to steel reinforcement through the addition of a corrosion inhibitor
• Easy application by spray or brush

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