Joint & Crack Sealants


Uniseal 200/90 Coldpour & HF

Uniseal 200/90 Coldpour is a pitch-free high performance, two-part elastomeric sealant developed to seal contraction and expansion joints. It is capable of accommodating above average movement and severe climatic conditions.

Uniseal 200/90 HF possesses similar properties than its Coldpour cousin but is designed to be machine applied for very rapid installation and return to service.

System Benefits
• Contains no pitch or tar
• Cold applied
• Self-leveling
• Very high movement accommodation
• Resistant to oil, fuel, hydraulic fluids
• Tolerant to climatic conditions
• Simple application
• 1:1 mixing ratio by volume
• Suitable for machine application

•  Roads & highways
•  Paved areas
•  Bridge decks
•  Runways
•  Taxiways
•  Fueling areas
•  Loading docks
•  Parking lots