Cementitious Mortars


Matacrete HB Mortar

Matacrete HB Mortar is designed for repairing and restoring spalled or damaged concrete in overhead and vertical locations. It is a fast setting, single-component, polymer modified repair mortar. HB Mortar is designed to be mixed with clean water for low shrinkage with premium performance. 


System Benefits
• Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect the steel
• Excellent adhesion to dense concrete and steel
• Lightweight for overhead use
• Single component for easy site use
• Excellent workability and finishing properties
• Good resistance to water, frost, and salt permeation
• Polymer modified and fiber reinforced
• Low permeability helps protect the steel and provides excellent freeze-thaw protection

• Repair concrete damaged by reinforcement corrosion or fire
• Repair spalled columns, beams, and soffits
• Excellent for marine structures
• Waterproof render to concrete, brickwork, and blockwork
• Above- and below-grade applications
• Good for all concrete structures where overhead or vertical repairs are required

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