Cementitious Mortars


Matacrete Flowable Concrete

Matacrete Flowable Concrete is a single-component, polymer-modified, cementitious repair mortar. It is flowable and it contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect reinforcing steel. Matacrete Flowable Concrete is designed for structural repair situations and for full-depth repairs.


System Benefits
• Has controlled expansion and is low shrinkage
• Good early compressive and flexural strength
• Designed to facilitate cathodic protection
• Material can be pumped, poured, and vibrated
• Excellent bond strength to steel and concrete
• Requires only the addition of clean water
• Excellent flow and placement characteristics
• Resistant to vibration and impact


• Repairs to in situ structural decks, including but not limited to bridge and parking decks
• Repair of horizontal surfaces and formed vertical and overhead surfaces
• Compactable with galvanic anodes
• Can be used as a void filler
• Ideal for repairs containing high concentrations of reinforcing steel

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