Applications for Infrastructure

Structural Concrete Repair


Structural concrete repair solutions span horizontal, vertical and overhead application on decks, piers, parapets and walk/drive surfaces.

FPT Infrastructure offers a variety of concrete repair solutions with Matacrete cementitious and methacrylate-based mortars. Many are extendable with aggregate to handle partial to full depth repairs, typically up to 6" depth. Materials are available for horizontal, vertical and/or overhead application and may be hand applied, troweled in, poured, pumped or spray applied. Repairable defects include pitting, holes, honeycomb and spall patterns, cracks and equipment-caused defects like over milling or grinding defects. Some products include fiber reinforcing, corrosion inhibitors and modified polymers for high-performance.

Selection Criteria:

  • Size, shape and depth of repair
  • Application conditions and cure time requirements
  • Structure type and location of repair


Structures and Applications:

  • Curbs, gutters, columns and piers, precast panels and overhead patching
  • Trafficable surfaces on bridges, loading docks, roads and highways
  • Vertical and overhead form and pour applications
  • Spalls requiring featheredge application
  • Full depth repairs above or below grade on walkways, bridges, tunnels, dams, columns and piers
  • Vertical and overhead spray applications on bridges, tunnels, manholes, pipelines and dams



Matacrete Ready Rep

Matacrete Rapid Set

Matacrete HP Concrete & PM Mortar

Matacrete HB Mortar

Matacrete Flowable Concrete

Matacrete Bedding Mortar

Matacrete Sprayable Concrete