Applications for Infrastructure

Below Grade Waterproofing


Multifaceted solutions for below grade waterproofing of concrete structures, tunnels, utility shafts, structural foundations and any concrete susceptible to water ingress.

In below-grade waterproofing, the right products and the right installation methods are imperative to ensuring the long term, water-tightness of a structure. The Mataproof suite of below grade waterproofing products meet the rigorous requirements of construction products with high-functioning, independently tested, easy to use and kind to environment sheet membranes, joint sealants, water stops and secondary waterproofing hose systems. We work with engineers and architects to anticipate breaches and proactively counter those with innovative product solutions. 


Selection Criteria:

  • Soil and substrate conditions
  • Foundation and wall construction design 
  • Environment and climate conditions
  • Weight capacity of structure
  • Construction timeline and phases


System Advantages:

  • Products with swelling and self healing properties provide multiple defense points against water intrusion
  • Products work in combination with each other and liquid-applied membrane systems for a holistic approach to waterproofing
  • Engineering and product design expertise for special conditions and construction design
  • Decades of experience and global installations of full featured below grade waterproofing systems


Applications and Structures:

  • Tunnels and Below Grade Vehicular Access
  • Utility Tunnels
  • Underground Service Garages
  • Basements, Foundations, Concrete Substructures



Mataproof DualProof

Mataproof SilverSeal

Mataproof CEMswell

Mataproof Predimax

Mataproof CEMflex

Mataproof Quellmax